The confirmed date is March 12th, and Aggies will be the caterer.

Rick Alter   712-490-0324


We have a gentleman who would like to speak at our EAA banquet. I have spoken to several members and this is what we’ve planned. I will be sending this email out to everyone on my email list over the next several days since Cableone limits the number of addresses a day.


The event will be held at the Air Museum and open to the public.  The museum will be open for all to see also.

The cost has yet to be decided, but a couple dollars will go to the museum and the rest to the caterer.

I need to know about how many are coming. I don’t want to plan this event and have 4 people  show up. I know I can never get anyone to respond to any of my emails, but it is imperative that you respond to this one if  you are coming and how many you are bringing. Please respond now. If we don’t have at least 40 people then we will not have a banquet.

Here is what the speaker sent:


Attached is a summary of the presentation, which I have presented twice at the Oshkosh Air Show, as well as in Denver, Kansas City, New York City, Alabama, and many locations in the Midwest.  


This history changing story is about how Howard Hughes lived under an identity given to him by the CIA, and found a woman who loved him and kept his secret until his actual death in 2001.  I met Eva McLelland in 2002 and she relayed her story to me over the next 7 years.  I did not believe her at first, however, after confirming the details of her and his life together, I concluded she was telling the truth.  Now 5 years after the book has been published, there is nothing she relayed which we have found to be false.

Mark Musick

Meeting called to order by President Rick Alter at 2pm in the office of Martin Field with 4 members and 2 guests present.
Rick Alter, Mike Roberts, Gene Martin, Scott Morgan and Tim Schram. Tim’s grandchildren were there assisting Tim in troubleshooting the Taylorcraft problems. They were Kaden and McKenzie Schram who are also members of the Civil Air Patrol.
The only business conducted was to name Courtney O’dell as the recipient of a matching funds scholarship for lessons in her quest of a Private Pilot License.
Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm.
Scott Morgan
Chapter Secretary

Meeting called to order by President Rick Alter with 11 members present.Scott and Jean Morgan, Rick Alter, Ken and Karen Stanley, Mike Roberts, Andrew Stanley, Gene Martin, Roger Bartels, Tim Schram, Tom Fredricksen and his friend Brenda Richards.

 Finance Report…Mike Roberts Checking………$4838.24 CD ………………. 5654.71

 At the June Young Eagle (YE) Rally at Martin Fld, several parents gave donations to the Chapter in appreciation for its efforts. Of this money $142.00 cash is left to be deposited after some was used to buy lunch for the pilots and ground crew.

 New Business

The Tommy Martin Memorial Fly In scheduled for September 13 was discussed.

 YE’s will be flown, as well as the glider.

Those of you who are EAA members and would like to fly Young Eagles please contact Scott Morgan at 402 369 6099.

 Supplies for the event will be gathered by the following persons.

 Rick Alter………………………………..Water and ice Ken and Karen Stanley……………..Milk, coffee and orange juice Scott and Jean Morgan……………..Tables and chairs Brenda Richards……………………….Trash bags

 If anyone has an electric coffee pot we could use on the 13th, please contact Karen Stanley at 712 943 5487 or Jean Morgan at 402 635 2465.

 John the Pancake Man has been hired to do the cooking.

 Rick will contact Mercy Aircare about bringing their helicopter in for display. The sheriff or State Patrol will be contacted for a possible display.

 A car club is planning on exhibiting their autos.

 To prepare for the event, much work has to be done. EAA members and anyone else willing to help are asked to work at the airport on Wednesday eve Sept 9, Thursday eve the 10th. If anyone can help on all or any of the evenings please come out around 5:30 or 6 pm.

 Saturday morning the infield/plane parking area will be walked and holes filled. The hangar will be washed out Saturday afternoon.

 The Martin Fly In has always been a popular event in the area, so, lets all pitch in to make it another successful one.

Scott Morgan, Secretary


Meeting called to order at 2pm by President Rick Alter with 4 entities present.
Rick, Gene Martin, Scott Morgan and Jasper the Cat.
Treasurer’s report
Checking $4838.24
CD             5654.71
It was decided to move the monthly chapter meetings to the second Thursday of the month and meet at 7pm. Seems as though the Sunday meetings are disruptive to many folks.
Martin Flyin is scheduled for Sept 13, 2015.
Volunteers will be needed for dinning room duty to handle the coffee brewing. Help to park airplanes, and some crowd control. There will be no YE rides due to lack of volunteers in those areas.
Scott and Jean Morgan will again provide the tables and chairs for the pancake breakfast. The Pancake Man has been contacted and is available for the 13th.
The Young Eagle Rally held at 7K8 on June 13th was a huge success.
107 kids were given plane rides. Those flying were:
Rick Alter      5 kids
Ed Anderson     4   “
Scott Crowl        7   “
Scott Currie      17  “
Dave Howard   16″
Scott Morgan    10  “
Tim Schram        6   “
Clint Small          1   “
Dick Swetnam   21 “
Dennis Walsh    20  “
Ground Crew
Ken Stanley
Lyle Carlson
Dian Boals
Brenda ?
Jean Morgan
Norm Slama
Tom Morgan
Chapter 291 gives a big thankyou to all pilots and ground crew who helped out.
Scott wants to remind pilots of the Chicken Days YE Rally on July 11 at the Wayne Airport. Start time 8:30 am to 2pm or when all have been flown. Pilots please keep this date in mind and help out if you can.
With no further business, meeting adjourned at 2:45pm
Chapter Secretary – Scott Morgan
 EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for April 12, 2015
Meeting called to order by President Rick Alter at 2:15 pm in the terminal at Martin Fld. There were 9 members in attendance. Rick, Ken and Karen Stanley, Denny Walsh, Tim Heikes, Clarence Tompkins, Gene Martin, JP Martin and Scott Morgan.
No Treasurer’s report
Rick mentioned there were 50 people that attended the Chapter Banquet in March. During the banquet 31 people signed up for membership in the Chapter.
Scott Morgan mentioned that the Young Eagle event at Martin Fld will be held on the 13th of June with a rain date of June 20. Pilots are needed to help.
Rick mentioned that the cookouts will be held on the second Wednesday of each month during the Summer begining in May. Members who are willing to help are encouraged to arrive at Martin Fld by 5pm to help set up. Serving begins at 6pm. Bring a dish to share. Hamburgers, buns and toppings furnished by the Chapter. Free will offerings accepted to help defray cost of the hamburger etc.
Martin Fld Fly-in was discussed.
Tim Heikes has purchased and is rebuilding a Dornier DO 27. This is a German built single engine STOL “tail dragger” aircraft which seats 4 to 8 people. This plane was manufactured in the ’50’s by Dornier GmbH. It is a highwing fabric covered plane with a Lycoming 480 (300hp) engine.
Rick is still working on the 415C Ercoupe.
With no further business, meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.


EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for February 8, 2015

Meeting called to order by Treasurer Mike Roberts with 15 members present.
Ken and Karen Stanley,Dan Ellerbusch, Grady Marx, Mike Roberts, Clarence Tompkins, Tom Fredrickson and son TJ, Henry Bader, Norm Slama and wife Dawn, Gene Martin, Scott Currie, Scott and Jean Morgan. The meeting was held in the office at Martin Fld.
Treasurers Report…. Mike Roberts
The Chapter banquet will be March 21 at Aggie’s in Sgt Bluff, Ia at 6 pm.
Those attending will be offered the chance to join the chapter and receive a free meal with the purchase of a membership. $15 for a single membership grants you one meal and a family membership of $25 grants you two meals.
The meal will be buffet style.
Scott Morgan was asked by Rick Alter to inform the members about the Ercoupe Parade Plane he is building. Rick came into possesion of 2 Ercoupes. One was not going to be able to be made airworthy, so, the airworthy parts are being used to make an airworthy 415C which will be hangared at Matin Fld and will be used to train Light Sport Pilots, to be. The leftover parts are now being combined to make a “clipped wing” Ercoupe to be made available for towing in parades in the area. If you would like to help purchase paint for this plane, you would be elligible to place an advertisement on the plane.
A Flight Safety Seminar is being planned for April 22 or 29. The final date will be announced later.
Martin Fld would like to host a Flyin in September. September 6th is the tentative date but area flyins will be monitored to make sure that date is not being used by someone else.
Grady Marx mentioned he is planning on starting the Chapter Monthly Cookouts the end of May.
It was mentioned that Grant Turner has purchased Denny Walsh’s Aeronca Champ, is taking lessons and using the Chapter scholarship which was awarded to him.
The next meeting may be held at the Aviation and Transportation Museum.
With no further business, meeting adjourned at 3pm.
Scott Morgan – Chapter Secretary
EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for November 9, 2014
Meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm in the office at 7K8 by Pres. Rick Alter.
There were 7 members present. Rick, Clarence Tompkins, Grady Marx,
Dan Ellerbusch, Scott Currie, Scott and Jean Morgan.
Treasurer’s report….Mike Roberts
Mike was absent, but Rick stated there is $5876.57 in the checking account.
This amount includes the $310 received as the Chapter’s share of proceeds
from the Ford Tri- Motor visit to Sioux City. The Museum also got $310.
Rick stated there will be a Fly-in at Martin Field in 2015, with the date to be decided later.
The purchase of a new grill for the Chapter cookouts was discussed. Scott Currie made a motion with a second from Grady Marx to purchase one at Sam’s Club for $399. Motion carried.
It was also suggested that a thank you card be sent to Henry Bader for the donation of the grill the Chapter has been using for the last few years.
Scott Morgan will do this.
Grady suggested a flyout sometime in the Spring/ Summer to the Norfolk
Airport to eat at Barnstormers restaurant located on the airfield. All in attendance thought this was a good idea.
Annual Banquet was discussed and it was decided to contact Aggie’s in
Sgt. Bluff about holding it there. Grady will work on that. Some discussion
about attracting new members. It was decided to offer present and new members a free banquet meal upon renewal, either before the banquet or
at the banquet. One free meal for an individual membership and/or 2 free meals for a family membership. Individual is $15 and a family is $20.
It was also suggested to try to recruit pilots from the Wayne, Ne airport for membership. Scott Morgan will post a sign in the lobby of the Wayne FBO
to encourage pilots to join as well as visit with them.
Rick mentioned he is making a parade float out of the fuselage of an Ercoupe
which he has come into possession of. He is building 1 Coupe out of 2
and will use the extra parts for the parade plane.
With no further business, Grady motioned for the meeting to adjorn and
with a second from Scott Currie, motion carried at 3:25 pm.
Scott Morgan – Chapter Secretary

EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for August 10, 2014

 Meeting called to order at 2:15pm by Pres. Rick Alter in the office at Martin Field.  7 members were present: Rick, Mike Roberts, Ken and Karen Stanley, Scott Currie, Scott and Jean Morgan.

 Treasurer’s Report…. Mike Roberts  $5766.50 in checking

 Much discussion about the Ford Tri-Motor coming to the Museum Sept 4-7. Rick stated that we can get by with just 4 people helping per shift.

1. Someone for selling merchandise and rides

2. Someone for crowd control

3. A Fireman

4. Someone to escort folks to the plane and help them get in.

 If you can help please call or email Rick.

 There will be 2, 4 hour shifts per day.

 With no further business, meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm.

 Scott Morgan, Chapter Secretary


EAA Chapter 291 minutes for June 8, 2014

*see Rick’s addendum at end.

Meeting called to order by President Rick Alter at 2 pm in the office at Martin Fld with 7 members and 2 guests present. Members: Rick, Scott Currie, Gene Martin, Jim Schroeder, Mike Roberts, Henry Bader and Scott Morgan.

Guests: Randall Lilly and Jesse Mahoney

Financial Report….Mike Roberts

 Checking $4912.37   Savings    $5572.88 +

 Expenses: Flag Pole erected at the Museum….$653.95

                 Concrete……………………………………….  206.23

                 Plaque…………………………………………….  69.24

 Finance report approved as stated.

 The EAA B-17 will be in Sioux City at the Museum June 26,27,28. The Chapter will receive a percentage from the ride proceeds upon them reaching $2000 revenue and after expenses are taken out. It was suggested the Chapter split the revenue with the Museum.

The sponsors of the Ford Tri-Motor have expressed an interest in coming to Sioux City, again this year. No decision was made to sponsor them or not.

Cookouts:  It was decided to resume the Martin Fld Second Wednesday evening cookouts starting June 11.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Scott Morgan, Chapter Secretary

*Rick’s addendum:  

One thing I forgot to bring up at the meeting is that EAA is sending us a couple hundred membership forms and information packets to hand out at the museum when the B-17 is here. I have our Chapter banner and that also needs to hang somewhere.

I am going to put up a table with our banner in the museum and hopefully there will be some spare EAA members to sit at the table and hand out the packets.

I asked for a partially built homebuilt to put on display in the museum and got no response. If someone is interested in bringing something just let me know.

Thanks and hope to see you this Wed.

EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for April 12, 2014

Meeting called to order at 2pm by Pres Rick Alter in the Siouxland Transportation and Aviation Museum, with 3 members present. Rick, Ken Stanley and Scott Morgan.

Rick stated the flag pole which the chapter was donating to the museum had arrived. Total cost for just the pole was $653. Cement for the erection will be in addition.

The main topic of discussion was the arrival and support of the B-17 in the latter part of June. Many volunteers will be needed to support this plane’s visit.

Rick will be emailing to request volunteers to help.

With no futher business, meeting adjorned to Rick’s hangar to help mount the wings on his Cub.

Scott Morgan, secretary

EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for Mar 9, 2014

Meeting called to order by Pres Rick Alter at 2 pm in the FBO office at Martin Fld. There were 8 members present. Rick, Mike Roberts, Grady Marx, Gene Martin, Denny Walsh, Scott Morgan, Ken Stanley and Dan Ellerbusch.

 Treasurers report….Mike Roberts   Checking $6223.59

2014 dues are due and payable now. Several member dues were collected, today.

A motion was made to buy a nice 30 foot flag pole to be donated and installed at the Siouxland Aviation and Transportation Museum with a plaque indicating it as a donation from Chapter 291. Preliminary estimated cost of $1000. Motion made by Grady with a second by Scott. Some discussion followed as to where to buy the pole and as to installing it ourselves or hiring someone to install.Rick stated he would check into the pole purchase and the costs to install it.

 Rick handed out flyers for the Museum’s Big Band Dance to be held at the museum on Sat. March 29 and encouraged everyone to attend.

The chapter’s banquet date will be announced later. Meeting adjourned at 3pm.

Scott Morgan Chapter Secretary.

There was no Feb 2014 meeting

EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for Jan 10, 2014

Meeting called to order by President Rick Alter at 2 pm in the office at 7K8.There were 13 members present. Rick Alter, Dan Ellerbusch, Grady Marx,Clarence and Kim Tompkins, Gene Martin, Scott and Jean Morgan, Ken Stanley,Fred Busey, John and Pat Bartholomew and Tim Schram.

 Financial Report…None given.

 Old Business….None

 New Business…The Siouxland Aviation and Transportation Museum will be hosting a Fly-In May 25th2014.

 Membership renewals are now due for 2014.

The Chapter banquet was discussed and it was decided to hold this event on March 1st.Grady Marx will look into holding it at Aggies in Sgt. Bluff, Ia. If this does not work outhe will find another suitable location.

 John Bartholmew recieved a flightbag from Sporty’s as a thankyou for his 20 plus yearsas the Young Eagle Coordinator for the Chapter. John presented the bag to the newChapter YE Coordinator, Scott Morgan.

 Grady Marx passed around pictures of 2 airplanes he has recently purchased.A 1968 V tail Bonanza and a Cessna 421. Grady lost his first 421 in the tornado in Wayne, Ne in October of ’13.

 Rick Alter is restoring a Cub which he, Grady and Mike Roberts purchased from the Museum.

 With no further business, meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

 Scott Morgan, Chapter Secretary

EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for Nov 10, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Rick Alter at 2:00 pm in the office at Martin Field.

There were eleven members present: Rick Alter, Jim Schroeder, Dan Ellerbusch, Grady Marx, Scott and Jean Morgan,Gene Martin, Mike Roberts, Bob Lacey, Tom Fredrickson, and Scott Currie.

Treasurers Report…Mike Roberts                                                  Checking $6323.59      Savings $5000 +

No Old Business

New Business:                                                                                             Tom F. mentioned that the ground school now has 7 students.

With nothing else to discuss, meeting adjorned at 2:30.                  Scott Morgan, Secretary

EAA Chapter 291 Minutes for October, 2013

 Meeting was called to order by President Rick Alter with 13 members and 4 guests present. Rick, John and Pat Bartholomew, Ken and Karen Stanley, Dan Ellerbusch, Scott and Jean Morgan, Grady Marx, Scott Currie, Mike Roberts, Jim Schroeder and Henry Bader.

 Guests were Kelly Ekberg and friend Joe Tjaden of Norfolk, Ne, Kelly’s son Valyn and daughter Maddy Kirkpatrick.

 Valyn Kirkpatrick gave a report on his experiences at the EAA Young Eagle Camp inOshkosh, Wisconsin which  Chapter 291 sent him to. Yankton Chapter 1029 also contributed YE funds to assist in this undertaking.

 Valyn mentioned what a great facility they have at the camp. He related some of the events he participated in. He had the opportunity to build wing ribs in the builder’s shop, make a rocket, fly simulators and ride in a Cessna Sky Catcher and a helicopter. He mentioned that the helicopter was a glass bubble model with no doors. There was a pilot and 2 passengers and Valyn sat in the outside seat and prayed all the while in the air that he would not fall out. He said he learned a lot and it was a real good experience.

 Rick mentioned that Wednesday nite would be the last cookout of the year. He also said the 30# propane tanks are too small to fully fire the chapter grill.

 Treasurers Report: Mike Roberts  Checking account $6328.59 CD $5000+

 The chapter discussed the possibility of having another Martin Field Flyin in 2014.

Scott and Jean Morgan reported on plans for the 2014 National Ercoupe Owners Club Convention to be held at the Wayne, Nebr Airport (KLCG). Scott will be meeting with the Wayne Airport Board Monday evening to make sure the board is okay with the convention in light of the tornado destruction.  Scott brought a model of an Ercoupe made from an ear of corn. He called it an Earcoupe! He said the theme will be the “Earcoupe Cornvention”.

 Members projects:

 Dan Ellerbusch is waiting for carburetors for the 1/2 VW engine on his Legal Eagle.

John and Pat Bartholomew are keeping busy volunteering at the Aviation Museum. Pat attended a Fall Fest at Morningside College and helped 15 kids paint pumpkins. Pat is also doing research on B17s.

 Jim Schroeder is working on the carburetor of the Sonex. He also installed a continuous solenoid.

 Henry Bader has been up flying the Scamp and building a single place Onex.

 With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm. 

Scott Morgan, Secretary