Have you ever wondered what your neighborhood looks like from the sky? Or what it feels like to lift off the ground in a private airplane? Or what in the world all those buttons, dials and switches in a cockpit are for? How many times have you seen airplanes soaring in the sky and wished you could be playing in the clouds, too? To all those who have ever dreamed of flying, you’ve landed at the right place.

EAA wants to offer everyone between the ages of ages 8 and 17 an opportunity to fly in a private airplane with a qualified pilot. It’s safe. It’s fun. It’s free. And it’s fantastic!

By experiencing a Young Eagle flight, you’ll join the more than 1,100,000 Young Eagles who have entered the wild blue yonder. 

So, if you’re ready to share the skies with the likes of the Wright brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong, then come on board, buckle up and let your spirits soar with the Young Eagles!

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Martin Field 6-17-2017

This event was delayed one week due to high winds. So, we had incorporated a rain/wind date in our ads. On the 17th we gave 60 YE rides. The day began with light winds and some light rain in the area but exceptionally smooth flying.

Pilots flying and the numbers they flew:

Edward Anderson…..Challenger….4

Gene Martin…….Cessna 172………4

Scott Morgan….Alon A2-A………….10

Tom Morgan……Cessna 172……….7

Rich Quant……..Cessna 172……….3

Tim Schram……Taylorcraft………….6

Clint Small……..Commanche……….12

Richard Sweatnam.Cherokee 140..14


Ground Support

John and Pat Bartholomew

Bill Flory

Jean Morgan

Ty Schram

4 adult Eagles were flown by Richard Sweatnam, Gene Martin and Rich Quant

2 media people flown by Edward Anderson


Sometimes folks donate a few bucks even though they are told the rides are free. This money was used to buy burgers and fries for those assisting with the event.




Young  Eagles at Wayne Chicken Show/Days July 8, 2017

Beautiful day with increasing heat at mid day.


85 YE rides given



Rick Alter……J3 Cub…………………3

Edward Anderson….Challenger….7

Lyle Carlson…Ercoupe 415C……..3

Rayne McKay..Cessna 175……….12

Scott Morgan…Alon A2-A…………..9

Tim Schram….Taylorcraft…………..7

Jim Schroeder…Sonex………………2

Clint Small….Commanche…………20

Richard Strauss..Cherokee 140….6

Richard Sweatnam..Cherokee 140..14

Dave Zach…Van’s RV 6A                2


Rayne McKay from Millard, Ne ( Chapter 80) flew up for the Fly In and volunteered to help with the YE’s. His Chapter was credited with the YE’s he flew.

Richard Strauss is from Norfolk, Ne( Chapter 918) flew up for the Fly In and also volunteered to help fly YE’s and his Chapter was credited with the YE’s he flew.


Ground Support

Carol Carlson

Pam Schram

Jean Morgan

Lyle Carlson

Elaine Rump


Loosemeat taverns, chips cold ice tea and brownies provided by Jean Morgan

for pilots and ground crew.


Info above contributed for your reading pleasure by Scott Morgan, Chapter 291 YE Coordinator/Secretary


Results of the Tommy Martin Memorial Fly/Drive In for 9/11/2016

The flyin was a success despite the winds and low turn out of visitingaircraft. EAA Chapter 291 gave only 22 YE rides but that was due tothe extremely rough flying conditions. We closed down the YE rides at around 10:30 when winds were 190 at 14kts gusting to 19 kts.

Pilots flying Ye’s and the numbers they flew:

Rick Alter 5

Scott Morgan 4

Richard Quant 3

Clint Small 5 plus the news reporter

James Schroeder 2

Dave Zack 2

Ground Crew Jean Morgan, Trish Sweatnam and Lyle Carlson

Retired FAA aircraft controllers Mark Zielezinski and Richard Swetnam controlled incoming and leaving aircraft on the runway.

The breakfast was a free will donation event and served 300+ meals.

The profits were awarded to an organization by the name of JrQuota.

The group is made up of kids from the Siouxland area who volunteer

around the community doing such things as helping at the Soup Kitchen,

picking up trash after the Saturday in the Park Event along with many

other works. They recieved $950+ for helping with the coffee making,

cleaning tables, carrying plates of food and whatever else needed doing.

Scott Morgan

Chapter Sec/ YE Coordinator


EAA Chapter 291 sponsored a Young Eagle event at the Wayne Municipal Airport on July 9, 2016. We flew 60 YE’s.

Pilots:   Ed Anderson flew 7, Lyle Carlson flew  5 Scott Morgan flew 12, Richard Quandt flew 6, James Schroeder flew 7, Richard Swetnam flew 23,

Ground support: Trish Swetnam, Carol Carlson, Brianna Samuelson, Jean Morgan

Lunch and Iced tea provided for pilots and ground crew by Jean Morgan

Scott Morgan

Chapter 291 YE Coordinator


EAA Chapter 291 held their annual Spring Young Eagle Event on Saturday May 21, 2016.  The day began with light rain showers which made the air extremely smooth giving the kids a great uneventful ride. Many kids were getting their very first ride in an airplane.
We got started a little after 9 am after waiting for some more severe wx to clear. The air was very smooth until near 1:30 pm when the wind began blowing and the air got pretty bouncy. We quit flying at 2pm which was the stated quit time and after all wanting a ride were flown.
The chapter flew 91 YEs in all that day. 6 planes handled the job.
Richard Sweatnam, Piper Cherokee 140, flew 21 kids
Clint Small, Piper Commanche, flew 26 kids
Rick Alter, Piper Cub, flew 14 kids
Ed Anderson, Challenger LLS, flew10 kids
Tim Shram, Taylorcraft, flew 9 kids
Scott Morgan, Alon A2-A, flew 11 kids
Ground crew:
Jeff Gebaurer
Scott Currie
Ken Stanley
Lyle Carlson
Pam Schram
Courtney Reuter
Kaden Kittams (grandson of the Morgans)
Jean Morgan
All in all it was a great day to fly Young Eagles and a very successful event!
Scott Morgan
YE Coordinator


We had a great day and turnout of pilots and kids for the YE rally at the Wayne, Ne Chicken Days Festival at the Wayne Airport on July 11, 2015.

A total of 82 kids were flown.

Rick Alter 9, Ed Anderson 4, Lyle Carlson 4, Scott Currie 17, Scott Morgan 7, Carl Rump 19, Richard Swetnam 17, Dave Zach 5

Ground Crew: Elaine Rump, Dian Boals Jean Morgan (lunch provided for the pilots and ground crew)

A big thank you to all the pilots and ground crew.

Scott Morgan, Chapter 291 YE Coordinator


The Young Eagle Rally held at 7K8 -Martin Field, So Sioux City, NE on June 13, 2015, was a huge success.
107 kids were given plane rides. Those flying were:
Rick Alter 5 kids, Ed Anderson  4, Scott Crowl 7, Scott Currie 17, Dave Howard 16, Scott Morgan 10, Tim Schram 6, Clint Small 1, Dick Swetnam 21, Dennis Walsh 20
Ground Crew: Ken Stanley, Lyle Carlson, Dian Boals, Brenda Richards, Jean Morgan, Norm Slama, Tom Morgan
Chapter 291 gives a big thank you to all pilots and ground crew who helped out.